Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am moving!

If you notice, I don't have any new post since 2 months ago (by today 7 August 2012). I have strong reason for it..............................................................
I am working in my new site. I own a site yeayyyy!
You can check my blog in the new site: ordinarygirl-goestravel.com

The next question would be WHY?
Lately I've been thinking that I do love traveling even though I am not a full time traveler. I do love writing in blog. It's my way to talk to myself and ofcourse also taking notes on what I've seen and what I've found during my travel. I love to share it and hope it can help other people (maybe it can inspire you to go out and see the world). I want to give an idea that basically everyone can travel, even an ordinary girl like me :)

So, why not? With a little encouragement from the Husband; about 2 months ago I decided to work on my own site. Travel blogging still a hobby for me, but with owning it, it push a tiny of my commitment to it. Pray for it and hope the result will good!

The other next question would be, IS IT EASY?
The answer is not that easy but it is interesting the journey to set up the new blog. If you can see that there are still a lot of room for improvement. Yes, the new website is still in-progress. But I will consider it as some kind of travel. In the definition travel is to explore something new/unfamiliar/strange/unknown :) . And I am more than happy to show you. Just successfully posted 1 blog post, titled 'Amsterdam: Keukenhof the Kitchen Garden'

See you there!