Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some View from the Top - Mt. Kinabalu

It's the Climb - Mt. Kinabalu

17 – 19 May 2009

Travel Mate/s
Nian & Astri (my best Gals)

17/May/2009 Kota Kinabalu: City Center – Mt. Kinabalu
18/May/2009 Kota Kinabalu: Mt. Kinabalu
19/May/2009 Kota Kinabalu: Mt. Kinabalu – City Center

Travel Notes

(Happy Climbing)
Climbing Mt. Kinabalu – 4,092 metres above sea level – was my main reason going to Kota Kinabalu as part of my 2009 new year resolution to do something ‘extraordinary’ (refer to previous blog post: ‘Pack My Backpack to Kota Kinabalu’).