Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Day in Himalaya, When I Did Nothing

15 – 16 May 2011

Travel Mate/s

15/May/2011 New Delhi (India) - Kathmandu (Nepal) - Nagarkot (Nepal)
16/May/2011 Nagarkot - Kathmandu

Travel Notes
I entered Nepal from Kathmandu, departed from New Delhi by using budget Airline. It was started with..we almost miss our flight. Our flight schedule was 7.50 AM from Indira Gandhi International Airport; I arrived in airport around 7.30 AM. Fortunately we still allowed to check in somehow, then queuing for the security check for more than 15 minutes. Right, I did not get any exception. The walk itself from the security gate to boarding gate was almost 10 minutes by running!  Arrived in the aircraft, found that we still wait for another people. Pffiuuuuh! (Later on found out that in the aircraft, they announced name of passenger who were late. I guess we were a little bit famous back then ^_^)