Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Europe by Train: Along the Way

Norway Flam Route - taken from travel.nationalgeographic.com
As I mentioned in my previous blog post related train travel in Europe which always about experience. It will give your eyes and mind a delighted treat; gaping out the window and absorb the new experience.

Europe has several famous scenic train routes. The Bernina Express, Trans Siberian and Glacier Express are some of the routes. Did I take those routes during my trip?

Unfortunately I did not have the chance due to my time limitation. But don't be sad! Europe has never ending picturesque sceneries spread in the Continent. Even if you take the 'usual & ordinary' train route, it will offer you a mind boasting pictures of surrounding.

So what are these recommended 'usual & ordinary' train travel (based on my train travel itinerary)?

1. Bern to Interlaken
What to see: Lake Thun
Lake Thun took its name from the city Thun. If you want to stay near the lake, you should get off in Thun train station. The lake is beautiful since it has Alpines as its surrounding.

The railway track actually located along the lake's edge so the train travel will provide us a privilage to enjoy the scenery without the need to get off from the train.
Thun Lake framed with Alps
Best seat:
Keeping with the train move direction (to Interlaken), choose a seat on the left row with window. Reserve the opposite if you are from Interlaken to Bern.

Along the way from Interlaken to Bern
2. Bern to Geneve
What to see: Lake Geneva
Located in Switzerland and France, it is the largest body of water in Switzerland (*taken from Wikipedia).
The train offers view from the top side of the lake. It is so beautiful thus I just enjoy it and forgot to grab my camera ;)
Geneva Lake - taken from www.dailymail.co.uk
Best seat:
Keeping with the train move direction (to Geneva), choose a seat on the left row with window. Reserve the opposite if you are from Geneva to Bern.

3. Verona to Milan via Rovato
What to see: Garda Lake
It is the largest lake in Italy, located between Verona in Milan.
If you want to see it through your train window, you need to take the train route via Rovato.

In my case it is by coincidence. Actually we have booked our 9 Euro (discounted) train ticket Verona to Milan by Frecciabianca (fast train); due to 'special' condition we experienced in Verona, we need to leave the town earlier than our original itinerary.  We decided to buy another train ticket and this one Regional train which cost a little bit expensive compare to our discounted one. Even though Regional train means the train does not have AC (air condition) and it is slower. There is no seat reservation thus means we need to hurry getting on the train to search available seat. We choose the route via Rovato since we think that it will be a different route from our previous train travel (Milan to Venice via Verona by Frecciabianca) and it is faster compare than other regional train schedule. And it turned out that the train stop at Desenzano and Peschiera del Garda, 2 train station near the Garda Lake. 

Verona to Milan via Rovato

Best seat:
Keeping with the train move direction (to Milan), choose a seat on the right row with window . Reserve the opposite if you are from Milan to Verona.

4. Prague to Berlin via Dresden
What to see: Savoring the scenery along Vltava River
If you want to take train travel for this route, remember to choose the day trip other than night trip. The railway track located along Vltava River. From Prague to Dresden, sometime you will go through a forest, a valley with villages or castle at the top of it. Gorgeous! And from Dresden to Berlin, you will entertain by coutryside pictures. Bottom line, you will see a lot of beautiful scenery which (I think) will be hard to reach by other transportation.

Somewhere between Prague and Berlin
Best seat:
Keeping with the train move direction (to Berlin), choose a seat on the right row with window. Reserve the opposite if you are from Interlaken to Bern.

A view during the train travel


Disclaimer : the real sceneries seen by the eyes is thousand times more beautiful than pictures displayed in this blog post :)

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself" - Danny Kaye

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