Monday, June 6, 2011

Why I Like..or possibly Need to Travel?

Hear the question often lately due to my recent travelling vacation.
Actually, there are so many reason why I like to travel. For me travel is a desire or passion to see the other part of the world; see how it works and hopefully understand.

It is always super fun; the idea of once in a while putting myself in a distance & different situation/condition from my daily routine life. There is some energizing chemistry when we meet new people and exploring new places.

Yes it is true that sometimes travel is only FUN instead of SUPER FUN. Getting lost, getting scammed or any other NOT FUN part of a travelling could happen anywhere and anytime. But even though we might experience those FUN only things, can we admit that still there is something new inside of us. We changed & educated because of those FUN and SUPER FUN experiences.

I don't always get tanned from my travelling..
I don't always get my hand drew by henna..
But even without the tanning, henna drawing or any other physical changes; most of the time when I came back home from my travelling there is always an odd sensation of being refreshed as different person. I suppose it is because of all of those new stimulating experience brought.
Being able to see the other part of the world directly with my own perspective is a privilege :)

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