Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Europe: My Fairytale Land


Yes, we are back from our first travelling as a couple. In March, we travelled to several countries in Europe for 17 days! Left my footprints in Europe before I reach age 30 is one of my dream. And it deserve to be included in my dream list since Europe is so far away from my country where I live now - Indonesia and considering the rumor related with high budget required looking to the fact that I am still just an ordinary girl :).

Why Europe?
Why not Europe? Who can hide from its charm? Anyway who don't wanna go to Europe? Think that there will be only small numbers of people who does not have desire (even a little desire count as desire) to see Europe. And that maybe because they never hear about it. It would be my random thought ;)
Compare than any other place in this world, Europe is always a fairytale for me and it is my dream destination. With its history, legend culture and art which result in very well-maintained extraordinary heritage who can resist it. Not to count out the natural scenery such as the Alpen, green hill in Switzerland and so many beautiful lakes that can entertain our eyes and mind. Not to forget Europe's integrated transportation would be something really worth to see and experience.

*Taken from WaltDisney web
But anyway I am an ordinary girl who grew up with and until now always falls into Cinderella, Snow White and Frog Prince kind of tales with their beautiful castles, prince of charming, witches, even the scary dragon or gargoyles. Maybe because of those fairytales jointly collected by Brothers Grimm who known as the best storyteller from Europe; Europe architecture which often become the tales setting really entice me - the rennaisance, baroque or even gothic architecture. I wanna see them for real!

14 - 31 March 2012

Travel Mate
Life travel mate (Mio Marito)

Depart from Jakarta (Indonesia), via Dubai
Netherland (Amsterdam, Keukenhof)
France (Paris)
Switzerland (Bern, Interlaken, Gevene for transit)
Spain (Barcelona)
Italy (Milan, Venice, Verona)
Czech (Prague)
Germany (Berlin)

The Money
As mentioned before travelling to Europe has always been associated with high budget vacation. It might be true as well as it can be wrong.
It depends on your definition and tolerance about the budget level and I think it will be very subjective.
Comparing to my experience in travelling to other places so far, I can not say that travelling to Europe is cheap. But I can say it is worth the experience.
It is under 2,500 USD (all in; include return ticket Jakarta - Amsterdam - Jakarta). Detail budget for 17 days in Europe will be posted in my next detail posting related with this trip. But for preliminary information, during my travel:
- I stayed in high rated hostel with private room and private bathroom if available, 3-star hotel and even 4-star hotel.
- I visit several countries and use airline as well as high speed train to commute
- I did not limit my meal
- Have the flexibility in a matter of where and when to go (since I did not use tour agency)
- I did not use budget Airline from Jakarta - Amsterdam which has flight duration more or less 12 hours

The rule would be:
- If you visit less countries
- If you often use bus rather than airline or high speed train to move from city to other city
- If you stay in non high rated hostel or 2 or 3 star hotel
- If you prefer to stay in dormitory or shared room in the hostel
- If you can eat bread most of the time
- If you can find budget airline
- If your location nearer than Jakarta to Amsterdam
You possibly endy up with much lower budget than mine.
So you decide whether it is a cheapo, medium or splurge!

[Paris] In front of Louvre Entrance
 For me who see travelling is always about the places I visit (in this case my dream destination), the people whom I met and whom I travel with (in this case my life mate) and the adventures we experience together during our travel to Europe, it is still worth the money (*although we need to perform budget tighten policy before & afterward hohoho)! And the important note would be anything is possible to be happen.  Believe in it, work on it and pray for it :)

“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves” – Euripides


  1. Ah, sono molto invidiosa a te per fare un viaggio con tuo marito, huiiii. hehehe, pamer bahasa italy. Eh, g menantikan loh postingan lo berikutnya, penasaran jadinya abis berapa, hehehe

  2. whooaa...mba,inspring sekali:)
    aku boleh minta alamat email untuk tanya2?
    much apreciated...

    1. Hello Ratna, hehe syukur deh kalau bisa memberi inspirasi. Untuk contact email bisa lihat di profile aku atau bisa ke twitter ya :)